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Wow! The Advantages of Using Danelion Root

Hello all. I've decided to share some personal experience with a couple of herbal remedies that I have found that really have worked for me; in this case dandelion root. You know that weed we rip up from our yards.?The supposedly "ugly" weed we wish to innihilate in every lawn. I can't believe what it has done for me. I just wanted to share it with you.

Properties of Dandelion Root

Now, I'm talking about the root, but the greensare just as good, if not better. I had heard this many times. I just didn't truly believe it. These are some things dandelion can help with;


Dandelion root can help clean liver and kidneys. It can help treat fatty liver also. It's a general blood cleansing agent.

Treats and Helps Heart Disease

Studies show that dandelion not only cleans the body of toxins, it also cleans the blood of extra cholesterol. It's a general one stop shop for cleaning and purifying blood. Dandelion root has also been proven to lower triglycerides. and drop blood pressure with it's intense concentration of antioxidants

Helps Keep Good Eyesight

Yes, due to the high amounts of A and C, dandelion root Helps keep good Eyesight. Some research suggests tha this root can even help prevent macula degeneration.

Builds Strong Bones

Yep, dandelion does this too. The high amounts of vitamin k are what helps so much in building and maintains strong bones

Regulates Blood Sugar

Since it has high vitamins, including C, it's great for keeping bloodsugar from spiking.

Can Improve Sleep

Since dandelion root controls bloodsugar spikes it may help you sleep better.


Yes, who doesn't want to look and feel younger. Dandelion root help reduce oxidative stress.

Balances Hormones

Dandelion helps balance too much estrogen, which is again considered a toxin in excessive amounts.

Prevent Anemia

Again, dandelion root is high in all vitamins and iron. It is used to treat certain types of anemia.

Grows Hair, Nails and Skin

This is the big one for me that I found so surpris8ng.I lost a lot of hair from COVID. Not only did my hair grow fast, it REGREW where it had thinned.

Aversge Doses

Some people take dandelion root as a tea. Me personally, I take 1 gram per day, whicha teaspoon. cteaspoon. You need to figure out what work best for you. Since it's a natural food, it's hard to take too much.


YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! What could it hurt? I feel and look so much better, I can't believe it! If you'd like, you can check out what I personally buy on Amazon here;

Blessings, make it a great day, and how can you make the planet a better place?


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