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I am constantly adding and re-arranging predictions, so I will be soon coming out with a published version. But until then, here's a link to Tiktok.

Predictions-Listed By Site to Prove Authenticity Overall Accuracy Rate at Approximately 94%

Politics Elections and Political Predictions( I am Still Compiling). Check Back!

Trump will be found guilty never serve a day. Will feign an illness and throw family under the bus. Prediction made on: 1/7/23 

New governmental program to help first time home buyers. Prediction made on: 1/7/23

UAW will strike it will last 3 weeks. Prediction made on: 1/7/23 

Federal Shut Down won't happen if it does 2 days or 2 weeks maximum. Prediction made on: 9/15/23 

United States Political Election Predictions for 11/08/22. Accuracy rate on these was 18/23, or 75%, with 2 errors occurring where a candidate was switched in categories.


Red overall


Significant flip, either in Senate or Governor.  *Very Importasnt*


DeSantis Win Republican Governor win


Stacy Abrams win😡

Marcus Flowers/Marjorie Taylor Greene-too close to call for awhile Flowers win She scream Fraud!!!!!!( I flipped them, but got the state right!) 



Pritzker democratic re-elected for Governor😁


 Blonde woman wins Governor(Kim Reynolds by slim margin)


Overall red


Maria Healy win for Governor



Tim Walz re-elected for governor, Scott Jensen is significant for some reason



Woman in power, Gretchen Wittmer reelct by very thin margin



Blond-haired woman wins(name?)Either Monica Tranel orPenny Ponning, or both!!!!

North Dakota😁

All red (Republicans)


Dark Haired man, neatly cut hair, Wins and this is important


New Jersey

Corey Booker win(something is weird there!)?

Andy Kim Win Democrat😁

New York

Hochul Democratic Governor win.😁


Stays red overall, Republican


Woman in office-democratic  either Senate of Governor😁

Pennsylvania (06/12/22)

Significant blue election.  Something is very significant.  Fetterman win.😁

Rhode Island😁

Dan McKee-governor

Staying Democratic

South Carolina😡

Krystle Mathews- Senate win Democrat


 South Dakota😡

Changes overall to Democrat



Abott win  Republican Governor.😁


Beto does not win but may move on to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2024.  



Woman in office -Democratic either incumbent or elected for Senate of Governor



Evers Democratic Govenor-reelected😁


Mandela Barnes- Senate 😡 (I still say he would've run if there was a recall.



Other PolitIcial Predictions


Roe Vs. Wade will be codified in the middle of the night in later 2023-2024.10/29/22

Progressives gain ground in Elections in 2022.10/29/22




Putin will back down in some way. 6/15/22


Iran has some type of regime change, I almost wanna say say a grass roots change.


Trump will be indicted but never serve a day(MM, 1/22)


Gun Bill passes house(MM, 1/07/22)

Human Rights Amendment passes in next 4 years(MM01/07/22)


Medicare for All Passes in some way; it is a high-bred with insurance involved. Passes by 2:1 margin (MM01/07/22)


Student Debt Forgiveness(MM 01/07/22)


45 Finally charged with treason, will never serve a day (01/07/22)


Trump will NEVER be re-elected (MM 01/07/22)


Interests up 1%  TO 1.5 WITHIN NEXT YEAR. (MM, 05/21)


Facebook will be dead within 3 years. MM 01/22


Indian reparations within next 4 years.(MM 01/22.


Next Australian Prime Minister is a woman (MM 01/22)


One World Coalition will be formed within ten years. (MM 01/22)


The Constitution will be Rewritten, including several Amendments, including Human Rights Amendment (MM 01/22)


3 Supreme Court Justices added ; 1 elected, 2 chosen by a president, within 4 years.(MM0621)


Russia DOES attack Ukraine.(MM 01/22)


Housing Market collapse, within around 6 months. (MM 01/22)


Starbucks full union by 2023(MM 01/22)


Amazon goes union.  The Union leader will eventually run for office.(MM01/21)


Another COVID variant comes this Spring.(MM 01/22)


Easily over 1,000,000,000total  in US this year(MM 01/22)


Big change in mindsets rhis year. Dems and Repubs working together.(MM 01/22)


Prices in drugs and healthcare come down as companies undercut each other.(MM 01/22)


Brexit pulls something with the government (MM01/22)


Major shooting at some type of Political Rally.(MM 01/22)


Weather Predictions

Weather, and other Natural Anomalies

01/07/22 MM Some type of shift in San Andreas Fault

06/14/22 Three hurricanes to hit the US coast; One on the coast of Florida, One on the South Carolin

01/07/22 Australian Tsunami

01/07/22 Climate change slows, no one knows why.

01/07/22 Antartica will be Inhabitable and a small colony formed.



Science and Technology


01/07/22 MMCloning of animals is commonplace. Technology used to treat animals.


01/07/22 MM Batteries will be made of water.


01/07/22  MM High Speed rail within 4 years.


01/07/22 MM Teacherless classroom in the future.


01/07/22 MM New technology having to do with communication.


01/07/22 MM Dramatic increase in veganism.


01/07/22 MM Aliens trying to contact us about an asteroid.


01/07/22 MM 3-5 cure for serious diseases with next 4 years.


01/07/22. Genetic engineering for babies.


01/07/22 New illnes in the next 4 years, (Not Monkey Pox), afflicting poor countries.


01/07/22 Teacherless classrooms within 10 years.


01/07/22 Cloning of animals commonplace.  Information will be used to treat huiman.


05/21 Some type of information about the Tasmanian Tiger surfaces.


01/07/22 Batteries will be made of water.


01/07/22 Something About a City that has Poisoned Water. It is a Majot City (MM 01/07/22)


01/07/22 Stone with healing properties in the Andeas will be Found(MM. 1/07/22)


01/07/22 MM The Earth within the next 19 years, will somehow change it's spin slightly. Could be an asteroid


01/07/22 MM New Laws Passed to ban cancerous additives within 2 years.

01/07/22 MM New AI tracking comes out(and it's scary!)

01/07/22 MM New technology having to do with communication.  It's very big.

06/21 MM New Meat Source to become commonplace.

06/21  MM They will capture a Bigfoot?

06/21 MM Discovery about what causes Autism.  Will solve in pregnancy within 4 years.


06/21 MM Scientists discover that the Ocean is the key to solving global warming.


01/22MM Housing prices drop 25% this year.


01/22 MM Next 2 years, minimum wage finally goes up to 9.25.


01/22 MM Death attempt on Kyle Rittenhouse.


01/22  MM Major company will fail in 2022-2023.  It is big!


01/22 MM Microchips to be put in hands of vaccinated/etc.


01/22 MM Airplane industry fails and claims bankruptsy.


01/22 MM 4+5 COVID boosters come out.


01/22- MM New Republican Party coming...more tolerant.


01/22 MM New Education Initiative 


01/22 MM China Tests a New Bomb


01/22 MM Terrorist Attack in France.


01/22 MM Major hacking of a government or large institution.


01/22 MM Childcare assistance/New governmental office.

01/22 Covid strain in Africa.


01/22 Biden hospitalized(heart?) maybe 2023.

01/22 MM New disease in India.

01/22 MM Major dinosaur discovery.


02/21 Bucks would win NBA in 6th game. CORRECT

02/22 Rams would win Superbowl by 3 points

03/23 Close Superbowl Win by Red team(Chiefs)

05/23 Boston Celtics win NBA(Wrong!!!)


Predictions 1/23 podcast Metaphysical Meanderings

01/22  MM The mullet becomes even more popular. 

01/22 Within next ten years, football will cease to be tackle.


Indictment of Trump( never serve a day)

Cure for cancer out in the open

Collapse of dollar bill

Food shortages

Economy will level off in Summer 2023

Wooly Mammoth cloned somehow

Batering continues to grow

Tons of riots and protests Narch through may. People walking off jobs.

DACA passes

Easier to get citizenship

Laws to help get new hoyses passed 2024-26

Adding of 2 new Supreme Court Justices

Tiktok Ban( won't last long- will pull 1st Amendment rights)

Newest Predictions 

4/23 ERA will pass in 2025

Roe versus wade eventually  be codified.

Something big financially to happen in May 2023.(lots of money to many people)

Housing Market Crash (June through August?, 2023) Something big financially with stock market or housing market

Student Loan Debt payoff is upheld by Supreme Court 5/23

Chris Christie announces presidency.

Neither TRUMP OR DESANTIS will be re-elected.

New man coming onto scene as Progressive candidate for president.  Will be elected this round or after Biden re-election.(Not sure if this will happeN.  I SEE BIDEN, THEN I DON'T?)

New Cures for things. i.e. Autoimmune 

Submarine Found in 2 days. Was found on 7/22 @2pm 

Tasmanian Tiger will be found 



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