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Lana's  Credentials 

  • Practicing for more than 26 years

  • 15 teaching certifications including Special Education,( in Learning Disabilities, Behavior and Emotional Disabilities (including Aurism)and Mental Impairment!,Elementary Education, History, Art, and French.

  • 2 Master's Degrees in Education.

  • Extensive knowledge and Expertise in Diagnostics.

  • Speaks fluent French, some Spanish and a little American Sign Language.

  • Skilled as a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Certified  Meditation Coach, Certified and Certified Sound Healer

  •  Certified Hypnotherapist, belonging to the National Guild of Hypnotists.

  • Children's author and illustrator to the Books , Just Shades of Brown(2010) and The Royal Fellow Who Hated Yellow( 2015).

Personal Life

Lana resides in Illinois on a quaint hobby farm, where she shares her space with her husband, dogs, horses, chickens, and a pampered feline companion. As a proud mother of three and a doting grandmother of four, family life is central to her joyous existence.

Listen to Lana's Podcast

Metaphysical Meanderings 

Discover the world where spirituality intertwines with practical guidance in this engaging podcast. Led by a seasoned Master Psychic, Empath, and Medium, Lana. Listeners are invited to explore their innate abilities. Each episode offers insightful discussions on diverse topics such as birth charts, horoscopes, tarot cards, hypnotherapy, psychic predictions, and features special guest speakers.

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