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Are Your Abilities Stronger During Halloween?

Halloween. It drums up visions of bats, cats, skeletons and witches, but is there more to the story? It makes me wonder, because personally, I’ve found it to be true.

Halloween’s tradition is set back many millennia, from druids and Celts. They not only worshipped the harvest, but also valued to changes of the seasons. But there is much more to this. I know that my abilities are even stronger during this time, and I am positive that our ancestors knew this also.

For me personally, my abilities ‘rev’ up around October 15th to November 15th. It’s very hard to turn it off. I am compelled to walk up to strangers and give them messages from their dead family, angels and spirit guides. I do a lot of readings at this time, and am completely open at this time. I give off so much energy, it gives me anxiety, which leads to depression. It is hard to control at times, and I know I’m not alone with this issue.

I have been told by other psychics that they experience the same thing, and that it is believed that the ‘veil’ between the worlds is thinner, as we change from Fall to Winter. Right now as I write this, my abilities just don’t want to turn off. I have to do many different things and be very vigilant during this time to keep the abilities under wraps and myself grounded. This is not the only time this happens; when it rain or snows my abilities are much more acute. I blame that on electricity and water that is being used as a conductor. But I if you are like me, it can be hard. I’ve found a few ways to keep me from getting too much info and energy, and I will share them with you.

Keeping Your Ability Under Control

  1. Do something relaxing, such as a hobby. It takes your mind off of the energy, ad calms you.

  2. Exercise. I am a big proponent for exercise; it solves most problems. Go for a walk, jog, SOMETHING. It really does help.

  3. Spend some time alone, meditating. For me, i go on a long walk in the woods, by myself. I feel totally clear after that.

  4. Do some volunteer work, not necessarily in the psychic realm. Good energy in, good energy out.

  5. Wear some stones. Find which works for you. Personally I wear a lot of onyx during this time.

So try some of these things if you are having the same problems. It will pass, and your energy will return to normal.




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