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Meditation Coloring Book  

Immerse yourself in a journey of mindfulness and self-reflection with this intricately designed coloring book. Find solace in soothing patterns, allowing your inner calm to emerge as you effortlessly color and let your thoughts flow. 


Just Shades of Brown

Just Shades of Brown unites two children from diverse backgrounds after a factory closure disrupts their lives, as their teacher fosters connections and reveals their shared humanity.  This heartwarming story celebrates overcoming fears and embracing similarities amidst differences.



Dream Journal 

 This is a simple dream journal to keep by your bed while you sleep. It's designed to help you understand and process your dreams.

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The Royal Fellow Who

Banished Yellow 

In this children's tale, a young Prince makes the whimsical choice to remove the color yellow from his realm. Yet, in his journey, he uncovers a world far more diverse and interconnected than he ever imagined, revealing the beauty of unity in all things. 

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