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How to use Archangel Raphael in Your Life

Good day to all. I am back to writing after a little hiatus. I hope everyone is well.

So, I've recently been asked to do a section on angels once again. Earlier in the year, I did several podcasts about angels and how each archangel can help you.

My personal favorite is Archangel Raphael. I believe that he's my favorite because I use him so often. I consider him the jack-of-all-trades in the realm of angels. Here is a list of what he does and how I use him.

Healing and Restoring Good Health

Invoke Raphael to restore your health when you have an illness or need healing. He is there to comfort and heal your body, mind and spirit.

He protects our emotional selves as well as physical. He works also with medicines to promote their potency, and leads doctors towards proper care.

Calming Your Mind

Raphael helps heal your worries. He helps to calm anxiety and alleviate your depression. He literally can wipe away your tears. Call him when you are feeling just down to when you are even feeling hopeless. He can calm and help you.

Heal Your Negative Emotions

Yes, Raphael can heal anger, pain, and resentment, and helps with mental health. He can also heal you from rage, jealousy and envy. We all know these are emotions that can literally eat you up inside. He can restore calmness and acceptance.

Heal Your Grieving

Yes, he can heal your loss. He helps with the stages of grieving. He helps you accept and move on

Protect You From Self-Sanotage,Low Self-Esteem and Addiction

Raphael heals negative emotions, including those imposed by yourself to yourself.

He keeps you from thinking and doing things that are harmful. He can also heal from addiction and thoughts of self-harm. He restores your sense of self-worth.

Helps You See Your Purpose

Raphael gives you clarity and helps you understand your purpose. This is how he heals you spiritually.

Protects Those Who Heal

It's hard to be a healer. We pick up other people's negative energy. We also get depleted quickly. Raphael corrects our energy and gives us strength.

Help Alleviate Insomnia

I bet you gorgon that restful sleep is healing. Yeah, Raphael can help with that also.

How to Invoke and Use Raphael's Setvices

Raphael is available to us all. A quick way to Invoke his help might be to say aloud or in your head;

"Raphael, I need your help. I cannot sleep. I am worried and dtressed. please help me get a good night's rest."

"Raphael, I Invoke you to heal my body after surgery, and to lead the doctors to make the right decisions."

" Raphael, I ask you to lead me from my jealousy of those who I think are doing better than me financially. Please help me be content with my life, accept the things that I can change."

So yes, Raphael can do a lot for you. Use him often to stay grounded and healed.

Blessings to you all.


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