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Does Prayer Really Work?

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

I read an interesting blog recently which caught my attention. It was written by an ordained minister. He believed prayer didn’t heal, but let people collectively know they care as a community. He believed that God has a plan. There is nothing anyone can do but offer support. I thought about it, and I decided that as a spiritual person, I am disappointed in his negativity and lack of perspicacity. He missed the essence of prayer itself.

Now, I know that some things are part of destiny. Yes, people die, bad things happen. But I also believe we often have a choice. I have been told by many people who’ve crossed over, that you have several times that has been written in your chart for you to leave or to stay. I myself, can think of at least two times that I could’ve been killed. I could just let it happen, but I chose to stay. Maybe to write this article like I am right now.

That’s where prayer comes in. It’s positive energy being focused in on a person or thing. We are a piece of God, with the capability to create or destroy. Don’t tell me positive prayer doesn’t work; study after study shows it does. What I think happens in prayer is two-fold: 1. It’s positive energy helps heal and 2. It’s about knowing someone cares about you, and you are needed on the planet. Prayer gives you the will to fight adversity.

I know positive energy heals. As a avid gardener, I’ve seen the affects of mean and negative energy on plants. I even did a study where I watched a plant die by saying cruel things to it. There have been numerous studies done that support this also. We can help make things happen by aligning ourselves for the good or the bad. All that positive energy has to go somewhere, and it goes to the recipient, in the form of healing or the will to live.

Prayer also sends energy to the person who is thinking of opt out, and not wanting to be on Earth anymore. Just knowing people care and are giving positive energy to show they care has saved more than one person from giving up. I know this works, because it’s worked in my own life.

My granddaughter nearly died of pneumonia a few months ago. She was in the hospital for over a month. I had about 5 thousand people praying for her recovery. She not only recovered, but has no lasting affects, and hasn’t been sick since. Coincidence? I don’t know. Would she have gotten better without prayer? I don’t know that either. But there is one thing that i do know is that knowing that you have that many people care, there is no way that positive energy can’t be sent through thought. Thoughts ARE things. If someone is thinking of giving up, there is no way that they couldn’t be feeling that energy of love coming from those prayers. And love is what we crave, isn’t it? That’s why we long for home; to feel the love of God. That’s we some DO leave. But if we were to feel love right here on this Planet, it would make our decision to leave harder, and make it easier for us to stay.

I cannot ever express how important prayer is for everyone. I myself pray for people all the time, if they know it or not. I am just hoping they can benefit from my loving energy. When it’s all said and done, love is all that matters, isn’t it?





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