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Does Everyone Have Psychic Abilities?

Hi friends and followers!  Greetings from sunny Florida!(Actually, it's been raining quite a lot!).  I hope you are sane, safe and well.  I, myself, have been busy trying to relax, and apologize for not writing more, but I really needed a break for awhile. Mia Culpa.

So I have been sitting here thinking, and reflecting on psychic abilities.  I have been wondering what and why I have the abilities what I do.  Is it  a special power?  Is it a talent?  Why can I read for people, size them up, and see right through them?  Why can I talk to ghosts, spirits, and angels?  What makes me special?  Am I special? I have been giving this a lot of thought, and am going to relate what I think is happening.

First, i know many people who have my abilities, so I am not alone.  Is it a talent?  Maybe, perhaps.  Not everyone can sing, and not everyone can draw, so psychic ability is probably an inherited talent to a certain extent.  I know for a fact that I inherited it from my mother.

But there is more to it.  Those with acute psychic ability have awareness, not just about themselves, but all energies around themselves, including living and inanimate objects, and not only understand it, but how to use the energy, and balance it with their own.  Many psychics understand and are aware of all the things around them. These people are not only tapped or plugged into the world around them, but they are also using more of their grey matter to pay attention to the things around them.  In other words, they are self-actualized.

Let me explain.

The definition of self-actualized is being all that you can be.  It is the highest potential that certain human can reach.  They are using all of their energy, their brain and soul.

I, for one, am not only a psychic but also an animal communicator and serious green thumb.  I seldomly kill plants; many people have done studies and and have proven that green thumpers actually give off energy from their hands.  So am I working with energy and are aware when plants need tlc and an energy boost?  I think that is accurate.

I truly don't think us psychics are that special from other people;  I think we are just 'aware' and using more of our brainpower than the unenlightened human.  We notice more, we understand more and are constantly 'aware' of energy and our surroundings.

We  are more willing to listen and accept esoteric information as fact.  We understand better.  We are not different, just evolved ands aware.  Can every human do this?  I believe to a certain extent, yes.  Just having awareness opens you up to the possibilities. Everyone has the ability for self-actualization. Are you self-actualized?  Would you like to be?  This is my series of blogs teaching you how to do that.......


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