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Welcome to Lana's Enchanted Skye:

Empath, Life Coach

Hello! I am glad you are here! Please take a little time out of your busy schedule to browse and relax. I am here to help.

lana duncan hartgraves - psychic medium and intuitive healer

Let Lana Help

Leading You to a Better Life 

Lana uses her compassionate, and kind  style to connect with loved ones, She also uses her talents in Reiki and Hypnosis in your search for higher spirituality.


About Lana


Lana has been a practicing Psychic for more than 26 years. Her gifts include clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. She is also a medium, certified Reiki Practitioner, pet communicator and health advisor. Being an Empath, Lana uses everything around and voice vibrations to read. 




Lana holds 15 separate teaching certifications, including Life Coach. She is also registered as a Master’s Teacher in the State of Illinois,  holding two Master’s Degrees in Education, with a background in Psychology and Diagnostics.

Lana is multi-language accessible. She speaks fluent French, some Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Lana is a certified Hypnotist, registered through the Hypnotists’ Guild, and trained in Past-life Regression.

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Lana Duncan Hartgraves Psyhcic Medium

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