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Time Travel 101

So, I’ve discovered something in the last few years as a practicing psychic, that I believe to be true. As a practitioner who’s probably done over 10,000 readings, I’ve come to realize something very important. I don’t think that I’m just guessing about people and things, but I’ve acquired a very valuable skill over the years.; I’m slightly time traveling when I read for you. Not only the past, the present, but the possible future.

Notice that I say POSSIBLE future. Since we have free will, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE as a intuitive reader can be 100% accurate because we can change our minds and often do, which affects our charts that we wrote when we came here.

If you do not know what I am talking about, I will elaborate. When we come to this totally negative dimension that we call Earth, we make a plan as to what we want to work on. It is very intricate and exists in the Akashic Records(More on that later.) The Akashic records are every. single. thought. word. or action. that you have ever done. It’s in a big book somehow in Heaven with God.(Not totally sure how that works, but I know it’s true, because I’ve been shown it and can access it.) Anyone can usually access it, but what is so wonderful about God is that he keeps us from looking at our own Akashic records(I think that is so we don’t see things coming, and avoid the lessons we came to learn, it’s like a protection).

Anyways, I’ve learned how to time travel and go into another dimension, just for a few moments. You know, E=mc2. (I guess I could prove that is what I’m doing scientifically, but spiritually in-tune people don’t need evidence, we have faith). I can see what is going to happen AT THAT TIME. Now can we change things? Of Course we CAN! It’s like being here in the present; it’s cause and effect. Change negative behaviors to produce a positive one.


So it’s not hard to do, but it IS hard to describe. When I get ready to read, I meditate, and pray that I am a messenger for all things good and kind. When we meditate, and do it often, we are actually going to another dimension, for a short time. With practice we get better and better. It’s that simple. I can also go to another dimension and ask politely to see the person’s Akashic records. Guides, and angels are usually my assistants, but sometimes it’s relatives also.

Also, concentrate on the task at hand. I concentrate on the person I’m reading for. For me, I pick up voice vibrations and use your energy that you are giving me through your voice to get on the same wave length as you. Then I start jumping around, looking at your past, present and future.

Everyone is different how they tune in to other people; some are visual, auditory, sensory, even smell. For me, it’s a little of them all. I use this in combination of your Akashic record history.

And the more you do these things, the quicker you get and the more accurate you get. This explains a lot to me. I know when I am reading, I cannot remember anything I told you. Sometimes, I don’t always respond immediately to you. That’s because for a split second, I’m somewhere else. And I will tell you; as we as a human race become more and more evolved, I am positive that time travel will be a common occurrence.

Like I said, I really don’t think it’s a talent, but a skill. It takes time to learn. Be patient, and start practicing on friends and others who are receptive.(It’s amoral to do this to someone who has not given you permission.). You CAN do this. Just practice……


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