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Is It Manifestation or Alignment?

Hi guys,  sorry that I haven’t blogged much, but my youtube channel has taken up a lot of my time as it grows and grows.(  Please visit Lana-The Comedian Medium).  But I’ve been thinking of writing some of these things for a while, and other things I’ve been thinking of have been spurred by other blogs.

If you are into New Age spirituality, you have to have heard about manifestation.  Seems like it’s the ‘hot’ word in every Self-Help book in the last 15 years.  The theory is; that we are small pieces of God, and this, we can create whatever we want, by thinking and doing things that allows us to complete our desires.  As if by magic, things seems to happen magically, almost like divine intervention.  We put our intentions towards our wishes, and it just kinda happens.  Well, I am here to tell yo, that I don’t agree with the theory of manifestation.  I believe that when things happen in our lives the way we want, it’s not manifestation, its alignment.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Yes, I believe we are miniature “Gods” in our own universe.  I believe we create our lives, and follow through with what we planned.  But things don’t just happen out of the clear blue, as if by magic.  We planned these things to happen before we came here.  We merely align ourselves with our life paths that we planned before we came.  No real magic here, but very Spiritual, yes.  We planned things to happen that we wanted in the way we wanted, and we align ourselves in a way so that they happen.

For example, I always wanted to be an author.  I wanted this from the age of 6.  Not only did I always say that I would be an author, but I did the things necessary to be in the right place at the right time.  Did it just so happen that submitted my book to a publisher who just so happened to be looking for my type of book at the exact time?  No, not at all. But did I do the necessary work over the years, such as found a job that allowed me to spend extra time writing, reading all I could about publishing, drew until I couldn’t anymore so my illustrations would be fantastic, put my book together and edit it 100 times?  You bet I did.  I manifested it out of the clear blue?  WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!

A good friend has often told me that I shit rainbows.  “Things always seem to work out for you,”  she used to say.  But what was my reply?  “I make those rainbows happen.  It’s just not blatantly visible.”  And that is true.  No one has ever given me anything, but I appear lucky.  I lose a job, and a new one is waiting.  Just like magic, right?  No, not at all.  My soul has aligned to my chart, and is aligning  in the right way so things happen.  No magic, out-of-the-blue things happening there.

For those of you who do not understand, I believe that we write our chart when we come to this planet. A chart is a map of our life, what we want to learn and achieve in this lifetime. We come to this planet to learn certain things, and we create our chart, in agreement with God.  We plan it all, and have help from others, including those on a Special Counsel, meant to help us and who were appointed by God.  It’s by writing our chart, that we know what is going to happen.  While there is some free-will, most of it has been pre-ordained.(That’s what deja-vu is; it’s your life map and it’s markers telling you you’re on the right path.)

Now here is where you make things happen;  at a soul level you know what you need to be on the right path and where to get it; you planned it.  So instead of just creating it; the path has already been created by you for you.  Yes, it’s the same idea as manifestation, but here’s the difference; it’s not just being created out of the blue, but was always the soul’s intention in the first place.

Now I’m not saying that the end result may be different than manifestation, I’m saying that if you understand that you planned it, it frees you from the pressure to create something.  The theory of alignment actually creates a path of least resistance, freeing yourself from pressure, and wasting of energy.  It allows you to expand broader and use your energy in other places.  Alignment teaches you to trust YOU and the Universe.(Could this be where FAITH comes in?)  Hmmmm….just a thought to


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