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Auras and other Neat Stuff

So I started a podcast on colors and auras. I have blogged several times about this. The thing that amazes me the most about all of it, is that even though your aura is basically one color, your aura can still change from minute to minute. I said this before also; your favorite color is USUALLY your aura.( Like I said, your aura can change minute to minute). I know for myself, I can THINK about changing my aura and can watch it change, right on a screen.

The Amazing Everchanging Aura

I have a friend who has an “aura” machine. It’s basically Kirilean photography. If anyone of you don’t know, Kirilean photography is an artform of capturing you energy around your body. Thomas Edison studied this a lot.

He actually owns a Kirilean photography apparatus that is hooked up to computer. You hold a handle and it registers your aura, and snaps a photograph in colors around you.

One day, while I was doing readings at the same store, he let me ‘play with his machine. I would grab the handle and mentally think of a color and voila….the screen would turn that color. ( WOW! Proof that thoughts ARE really things and give off energy!)

I find it also interesting that since I was reading that day, my third eye Chakra was open. My aura appeared as a purply- magenta, which is the color of intuition. Hhhmmm…makes sense to me!

There was another time when I could change me color. I brought my favorite dog with. I touched the screen without my dog, and it was bluish purple. I touched my dog, and touched the handle and the screen turned completely turquoise(color of healing). Whoever said animals can heal knew their stuff!

What does all of this prove? Change your thinking, and change your life! It’s incredible to really think that we can change the energy that we give and receive. It’s awesome to think that all of this energy stuff is available to you.

I urge you to find a person who has one of these machines. You can find someone usually at a metaphysical store or faire. It’s not very expensive and well worth the money.


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