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I am constantly adding and re-arranging predictions, so I will be soon coming out with a published version. But until then, here's a link to Tiktok.

Predictions-Listed By Site to Prove Authenticity Overall Accuracy Rate at Approximately 94%

Politics Elections and Political Predictions are still being compiled. Check Back!

 United States Political Election Predictions for 11/08/22. Accuracy rate on these was 18/23, or 75%, with 2 errors occurring where a candidate was switched in categories.

Political Predictions

Political Predictions Alabama - Red overall Arizona - Significant flip, either in Senate or Governor.  *Very Importasnt* ​ Florida  DeSantis Win Republican Governor win ​ Georgia- Stacy Abrams win😡 Marcus Flowers/Marjorie Taylor Greene-too close to call for awhile Flowers win She scream Fraud!!!!!!( I flipped them, but got the state right!)  ​ Illinois Pritzker democratic re-elected for Governor😁 ​ ​ Iowa😁  Blonde woman wins Governor(Kim Reynolds by slim margin) ​ Kansas😁 Overall red ​ Massachusetts Maria Healy win for Governor Minnesota😁 Tim Walz re-elected for governor, Scott Jensen is significant for some reason Michigan😁 Woman in power, Gretchen Wittmer reelct by very thin margin Montana Blond-haired woman wins(name?)Either Monica Tranel orPenny Ponning, or both!!!! ​ North Dakota😁 All red (Republicans) ​ Nevada😁 Dark Haired man, neatly cut hair, Wins and this is important New Jersey Corey Booker win(something is weird there!)? Andy Kim Win Democrat😁 ​ New York Hochul Democratic Governor win.😁 ​ Oklahoma😁 Stays red overall, Republican ​ Oregon Woman in office-democratic  either Senate of Governor😁 ​ Pennsylvania (06/12/22) Significant blue election.  Something is very significant.  Fetterman win.😁 ​ ​ Rhode Island😁 Dan McKee-governor Staying Democratic ​ South Carolina😡 Krystle Mathews- Senate win Democrat  South Dakota😡 Changes overall to Democrat  Texas😁 Abott win  Republican Governor.😁 Beto does not win but may move on to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2024.   Washington😁 Woman in office -Democratic either incumbent or elected for Senate of Governor Wisconsin😁 Evers Democratic Govenor-reelected😁 Mandela Barnes- Senate 😡 (I still say he would've run if there was a recall.

Other PolitIcial Predictions 10/29/22 Roe Vs. Wade will be codified in the middle of the night in later 2023-2024.10/29/22 ​ Progressives gain ground in Elections in 2022.10/29/22 NO NUCLEAR WAR! 6/15/22 Putin will back down in some way. 6/15/22 Iran has some type of regime change, I almost wanna say say a grass roots change. Trump will be indicted but never serve a day(MM, 1/22) Gun Bill passes house(MM, 1/07/22) ​ Human Rights Amendment passes in next 4 years(MM01/07/22) Medicare for All Passes in some way; it is a high-bred with insurance involved. Passes by 2:1 margin (MM01/07/22) Student Debt Forgiveness(MM 01/07/22) 45 Finally charged with treason, will never serve a day (01/07/22) Trump will NEVER be re-elected (MM 01/07/22) Interests up 1%  TO 1.5 WITHIN NEXT YEAR. (MM, 05/21) Facebook will be dead within 3 years. MM 01/22 Indian reparations within next 4 years.(MM 01/22. Next Australian Prime Minister is a woman (MM 01/22) One World Coalition will be formed within ten years. (MM 01/22) The Constitution will be Rewritten, including several Amendments, including Human Rights Amendment (MM 01/22) 3 Supreme Court Justices added ; 1 elected, 2 chosen by a president, within 4 years.(MM0621) Russia DOES attack Ukraine.(MM 01/22) Housing Market collapse, within around 6 months. (MM 01/22) Starbucks full union by 2023(MM 01/22) Amazon goes union.  The Union leader will eventually run for office.(MM01/21) Another COVID variant comes this Spring.(MM 01/22) Easily over 1,000,000,000total  in US this year(MM 01/22) Big change in mindsets rhis year. Dems and Repubs working together.(MM 01/22) Prices in drugs and healthcare come down as companies undercut each other.(MM 01/22) Brexit pulls something with the government (MM01/22) ' Major shooting at some type of Political Rally.(MM 01/22)

Political Predictions

Weather Predictions

Weather, and other Natural Anomalies 01/07/22 MM Some type of shift in San Andreas Fault 06/14/22 Three hurricanes to hit the US coast; One on the coast of Florida, One on the South Carolin 01/07/22 Australian Tsunami 01/07/22 Climate change slows, no one knows why. 01/07/22 Antartica will be Inhabitable and a small colony formed. 01/07/22

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