The Royal Fellow Who Banished Yellow

In this book there is a royal fellow who decides one day that the color yellow and all that is associated with that color be banished from the kingdom. But little did he know that without yellow, a primary color, most other colors would cease to exist. This tale is great for children to understand colors more and realize that without a major color, no other colors would happen.

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Adding a little laughter to this crazy thing we call life.

Lana Duncan-Hartgraves, from Afton, WI, possesses the unique ability to illustrate her own work. When not writing, illustrating, or teaching art, she keeps very active horseback riding, playing tennis, gardening, and spending time on her equine therapy farm with her family. Lana encourages her readers to be kind, and focus on their highest potential. One of her powerful life mottos is "How can I make this a better world for everyone?" shines through on her very first publication, Just Shades of Brown, that deals with children's racism and bullying.

Just Shades of Brown

In Just Shades of Brown, two children from different backgrounds end up together when a factory closing forces families to move. Their teacher helps them overcome their fears and discover they are more alike than different. Just Shades of Brown, written and Illustrated by art teacher L. Duncan Hartgraves and edited by best-selling author John Gile, helps readers see beyond differences and fosters understanding in an increasingly complex and diverse world.