Lana is a Jill-of-all-Trades to the metaphysical world and offers healing on every level imaginable. Let her help you help yourself to a fuller life.


Lana Duncan-Hartgraves is, again, the Jill-of-all-Trades. She is down-to-earth and gets to the heart of the matter. After all, 'Hart' is in her name.

A few words about Lana

why choose Her

Adding a little laughter to this crazy thing we call life.

She is life-long trained expert in all things intuition related. Her service and dedication to her clients are unsurpassed as she truly cares about each individual she has the opportunity to meet.


Her history is brief and simple. She was born in 1966, in Monroe, WI. I grew up in Beloit, WI, and now have returned there after living several different cities, including Madison,WI., Janesville, WI., Rockford, IL., LaCrosse, WI., Roscoe, IL, Elgin, IL., and Carpentersville, IL.. 

She has been married to the same amazing man, Dan Hartgraves, since 1987 , has three  beautiful daughters, and a very special granddaughter, all who have similar abilities. 
She is an active artist, children’s author, and is an empath and medium. She has been teaching since 1991, and holds an MAT in education with a concentration in psychology. She currently holds 14 teaching certificates. 

Her hobbies are also her life. She loves anything to do with the outdoors, which includes, and is not limited to, riding her horses, working on her hobby farm, gardening, writing, creating artwork, and exploring the paranormal/metaphysical and Native American studies. Simply put, she has made her "hobbies" and passions into a small business!

Honestly, she doesn't know when, exactly, she had these talents of psychic ability come to play, as she was born with it, just like only 30% of the population. Most just aren’t aware of it. She didn’t know I could do these things until after the death of her mother in 1997, which “opened her up”. She just became more aware of what she was doing. She has always had the gift of discernment, even as a small child, so the ability has been there, always.
She is currently working on her PhD in Metaphysical Psychology. Since she has such a myriad of talents and interests, this creates a unique opportunity with every reading. Some training/services she offers to you are: 

1.) Certified psychic/ medium, Tarot reader, specializing in those who’ve crossed over, and life path and future decisions. 

2.) Certified hypnotist, specializing in release of negative habits or energy. 

3.) Pet psychic and animal communicator.
4.) Remote viewer (can see what others are thinking or doing).
5.) Body scanner and Reiki Healer.

6.) Ghost clearing (houses and object).
7.)Emotional healing/counseling 


Let her talents be of use to you today!