Lana Duncan-Hartgraves

My history is brief and simple. I was born in 1966, in Monroe, Wi. I grew up in Beloit, Wi. And now have returned there after living several different cities, including Madison,Wi., Janesville, Wi., Rockford, Il., LaCrosse, Wi., Roscoe, il., Elgin, il., and Carpentersville, Il..

I have been married to Dan Hartgraves since 1987 and have three daughters, and a granddaughter, all who have similar abilities.

I am an active artist and children’s author who is an empath and medium. I have been teaching since 1991, and hold a MAT in education with a concentration in psychology. I currently hold 14 teaching certificates.

My hobbies are also my life. I love anything outdoors, which includes riding my horses, working on my hobby farm, gardening, writing, creating artwork, and exploring the paranormal/metaphysical and Native American studies. Simply, I have made my hobbies and passions into a small business.

Honestly, I do not know when I knew I had these talents of psychic ability. I’ve been asked this quite often. I think I was born with it. But I also know that so are 30% of the population. Most just aren’t aware of it. I didn’t know I could do these things until after the death of my mother in 1997, which “opened me up”. I just became more aware of what I was doing. I’ve always had the gift of discernment, even as a small child, so the ability has been there.

I am currently working on my Phd in Metaphysical Psychology. Since I have such a myriad of talents and interests, this creates a unique opportunity with every reading. Some training/services I offer to you;

  • Certified psychic/ medium, Tarot reader, specializing in those who’ve crossed over, and life path and future decisions.
  • Certified hypnotist, specializing in release of negative habits or energy
  • Pet psychic and animal communicator
  • Remote viewer (can see what others are thinking or doing)
  • Body scanner and Reiki Healer
  • Ghost clearing (houses)
  • Emotional healing/counseling

Let my talents be of use to you today

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